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Nicki - I cannot thank you enough... it's been an honour to have been coached by you. By sharing your gift, you have made me feel rejuvenated and given me faith in myself.


Nicki, you have made me realise it's ok to not feel guilty and to honour myself. It's that element of self-care that I had almost completely swept aside because I felt quite lost. Thank you again.


I am so lucky to have met you.


“I WISH I HAD FOUND NICKI SOONER! We had a few sessions after returning to work which was really useful while settling back into 2 completely new jobs. Nicki’s knowledge and understanding really helped me settle back into the workplace and bounce any ideas or concerns I had off of her. I would love to have found Nicki while off on maternity leave.. it’s a minefield and it would really have put me at ease speaking with someone who knew the ins and outs of the legislation.”

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"As a mum-to-be I was juggling a lot of things going on! I had quite a clear idea of what I wanted to achieve... Not only did I come away with that, you also gave me great insights that have helped me to reassess my thinking in areas I hadn't expected...  I'm so pleased I met you."


“I’m really happy and relieved. I can go back to enjoying what’s left of my mat leave knowing I have a workable plan in place for my return. Thank you so much for your support with this, it made a huge difference to how I approached everything.”



Have absolutely loved it! Really needed it this week and am seeing what was a challenge as a blessing!


Nicki seems to have found her true calling... I found her coaching incredibly helpful & constructive, also stimulating & inspiring... She's a natural at this kind of work... In short, fantastic.


I would personally recommend Nicki's professional, challenging and supportive approach...  Nicki has great empathy and insight which enable her to pick up on subtle signs ... to help you reach a solution.


A positive, challenging & thought-provoking experience... I built up a close relationship with Nicki within an environment of trust. It taught me to take ownership... and conquer the negative thoughts.

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