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Creating a positive, uplifting space with support  and resources for you to "be".

My recent research shows that the vast majority of mums want something different and you want help...

Help to know that you ARE good enough, that you CAN balance motherhood and the rest of life, that you CAN be your best self for yourself, as well as being what everyone else needs you to be.

Mums, you have told me that you need to be able to "be", not just constantly "do".

The MumMe Sanctuary Circle creates the space that you need to simply "be", so you can unlock the power of "you".

I will support you, lift you up, cheer you on through coaching and activities, and together we will support each other - not to DO more, but to BE more; to be "mum" and "me". To be who you want to be.

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Who is this for?

The world is shifting right now... It seems like it could benefit from a woman's touch!

If you have had enough of listening to all the negativity, fear and divisiveness, and want to spend some of your precious time and energy on something different, empowering and creative, then this is for you. With an expert coach and an uplifting circle of fellow mums to support and inspire you, you can feel like you ARE enough, unlock the power of you and together we can create a positive and safe space in the world.

As a member of the Sanctuary Circle, you will receive regular group coaching sessions, sharing sessions, Q&As, visualisations, the support of our community and access to expert guest speakers. 

Come and join me...

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How will I help you?

As a mum myself, and a highly experienced and empathetic coach and facilitator, I am passionate about helping mums to feel more positive about their lives, their achievements and what is yet to come.

I firmly believe that we can choose how we think and where we spend our energy, and by doing so and spending time with others who feel the same, we can create a different future both for ourselves and our children.

What types of things will we talk about & learn?

As well as coaching you on your specific goals, I will share my knowledge about various topics such as the identity shift that women experience as they become mums (it's called matrescence!), resilience, how to feel less overwhelmed, creating healthy boundaries and celebrating our progress. 

Hear what some of my clients say about me here...

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Early Bird pricing available!

Get the best price by jumping in early!

Sign up to reserve your place in the next intake.

Questions? Drop me a line, I'll be so happy to answer them for you!

Image by Melissa Askew
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