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Ready to feel Fabulous about your Return from Maternity Leave?


I get it... The thought of returning to work makes you feel a bit icky. You are not alone!

My client Danielle felt the same - she had loved maternity leave so far with her beautiful daughter, the walks in the park, mum and baby classes, coffee chats with other mums... But when the topic of the coffee chats started turning to going back to work, Danielle felt sick. 

  • She couldn't remember who she was professionally any more, she'd completely lost her confidence; 

  • Could she even apply for flexible working and where would she start? 

  • She'd worked so hard to get to her position, the thought of not being able to make it work going back was stopping her from enjoying the rest of her maternity leave.


Danielle and I worked together for a couple of months and with my help, she turned all that around. 

With the advantage of 18 years HR experience, I was able to help Danielle consider her flexible working pattern. As a working mum myself, I completely understand the challenges! And as a coach for 15 years, I could help Danielle return to her confident professional self and actually look forward to returning to work!


You deserve no to waste even part of your maternity leave worrying about this. So that is why I have poured my years of HR and coaching knowledge into creating a Returnity Transformation Coaching Program for mums just like you.

Feel Fabulous About Your Return From Maternity Leave! 


        Regain your professional confidence

        Beat overwhelm

        Learn the tools to balance work & home life like a boss

Through my 5-Step Returnity Transformation Method:

  1. Discover Your New Why

  2. Reconnect with Work

  3. Prepare the Practicalities

  4. Visualise Your Best Self

  5. Become Your Best Self

Program Includes:

  • A Kick Off 1:1 Coaching Session with Nicki

  • 6 x Group Coaching Sessions

  • Preparation Masterclass

  • A 1:1 Final Deep Dive with Nicki

  • Ongoing Support up to 1 month following return!

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£1,297 £779 UNTIL 1ST DECEMBER!

Hi I'm Nicki Young


I live with my husband and son George, who's 4, in Surrey. That's his cheeky little face in the photo! 

I'm a working mum, which means that I know the challenges of balancing work and family life, how much professional confidence we may lose while on leave and how confusing the return process can be!

So I've created this program to help you regain that confidence, plan what is best for your family and become the best version of yourself to return to work like a boss!

Given all my experience as an HR professional, a coach and most recently a mum, I am in a unique position to help mums like you.  I can't wait to work with you!

What People Say


Pilot Program Average Recommendation Rating 

Get in Touch to See if This is a Good Fit for You!


First-Time Mum


First-Time Mum

I WISH I HAD FOUND NICKI SOONER! I found Nicki just after I had returned to work. We had a few sessions after returning to work which was really useful while settling back into 2 completely new jobs. 

Nicki’s knowledge and understanding really helped me settle back into the workplace and bounce any ideas or concerns I had off of her. 

I would love to have found Nicki while off on maternity leave.. it’s a minefield and it would really have put me at ease speaking with someone who knew the ins and out of the legislation. 


First-Time Mum


First-Time Mum 

I was coming towards the end of my maternity leave with an 8mth old son who whilst in lockdown hadn’t meet all the members of our family let alone other children of similar ages so I was apprehensive of leaving him and returning to the work place. I cane across Nicki through the HR Ninjas group on FB and was intrigued by what she offered. Through a simple conversation over zoom Nicki was able to help me make sense of my feelings and how to break my worries down to find a self limiting belief which was holding me back and through guided coaching Nicki was able to facilitate a change in my perception to create comfort & confidence. The things I liked were it was so natural and didn’t feel structure at all it just all made sense. I would recommend Nicki to anyone returning to work after a period of any absence.


First-Time Mum


First-Time Mum

Working with you has surpassed my expectations in just a short number of sessions: I'm so pleased I met you and would gladly recommend working with you. I really wanted to be able to develop a practical toolkit and build something I could deeply believe in to help me overcome a particular barrier I was facing. Not only did I come away with that, you also gave me some great insights that have helped me to reassess my thinking in areas I hadn't expected. Your approach clearly draws on years of building your expertise: you were highly flexible & adaptable to my needs throughout the sessions and it felt like an organic process, never like you were simply applying models to me. You employ a warm balance of coaching, reflection and sharing of experiences that also help it to feel very sympathetic & natural.


New Mum


New Mum

For anyone who is returning to work after becoming a mum, I would highly recommend speaking to Nicki. She really takes the time to understand your concerns, your goals and your changing priorities, and helps you channel that thought process to take the steps you need in a way that is right for you. As a first time mum dealing with changing thoughts about my career that I had not anticipated, it was helpful to speak to someone who understood what that was like.

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