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"I've learned that every working mom is superwoman"


Uma Thurman

About Me

Mum, Coach & HR Consultant

I’m Nicki Young - a mum, a coach and an HR Consultant. We were blessed to have George 6 years ago and having felt the confusion myself of remembering who I am in the workplace after 12 months of only being Mummy while on maternity leave, I passionately believe that we can do more to help working mums have an easier experience. I want to help you rediscover your mojo, or protect it if you don't feel you lost it! Having also struggled myself (even with  20 years' HR experience!) to navigate the whys and wherefores of maternity leave, I want to clarify and simplify them for you to make the journey to motherhood that little bit easier.  

"There is no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one"

Jill Churchill